Hacking the Music World

Our mission: to hack the new music markets. Our methodology: we will create, distribute, and promote original music, using experimental approaches to digital distribution, social networking tools, and mobile technology.

Course Number: 57-345

In this course we will perform a series of real-world experiments that examine new models for music creation, promotion, and distribution. We will produce original music videos, explore social media marketing & optimization, examine new platforms for monetization, and official release digital albums and apps.

The proliferation of digital music distribution has revolutionized how music is experienced in the 21st century. Technologies for music listening, music sharing, and music discovery are in a state of rapid and limitless evolution. There is no longer a single model for a rewarding life in the world of music - we must learn to adapt to the constantly evolving landscape of the 21st century. We must hack the music world!

While examining new approaches to distribution and publication, we will also explore the question of how electronic media is redefining our understanding of music-making itself. Does a new album necessarily need to be a fixed set of sound recordings? What if it was a mobile app that reacts to the listener's environment? What if our new album used mutating algorithms to generate new musical experiences every time the listener hits play?

Throughout the semester, we will form teams combining musicians, software programmers, artists, and entrepreneurs. Our teams will work together to produce new music, to design new music distribution methodologies, and to perform social media experiments that enhance the visibility of our work.

Students participating in the course should have proficiency in one or more of the following areas:

  • Social Media Optimization
  • Music Recording or Video Production
  • Leveraging Web Application API's
  • Mobile Application Design & Implementation

Fall 2015 instructor: Jesse Stiles

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Offered By: Music

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