IDeATe@Hunt Collaborative Making Facility

IDeATe@Hunt is a new collaborative making facility inĀ Hunt Library. It includes a digital fabrication shop, a physical computing lab, an interactive media black box, traditional fabrication facilities, and collaborative design studios that also serve as classrooms for 30 new studio-based courses.

The facility supports students and faculty working together across disciplines in "maker" experiences that combine arts and technology. These types of collaborative, learning-through-making experiences are a key part of the residential experience at Carnegie Mellon; where experts from diverse areas with curious, open minds meet to develop the next great ideas. Students involved in such experiences have the opportunity to expand their collaborate innovation skills and cognitive versatility. Through these experiences students are also prepared to address the growing demand for collaborative professionals in the creative industries, such as social media, game design and responsive environments. The placement of the facility in the Hunt library aims to signify the evolution of the library into a mediated learning commons; where students can evolve diverse media literacy and their ability to learn and communicate through new media.

The facility will be open throughout the day to allow for making and learning to happen any time the inspiration strikes. The studios will be accessible to all students. The "making" labs will be accessible to students in the IDeATe concentrations and minors, as well as any other student who completes introductory courses that provide the necessary training for using the equipment.