Carnegie Insitute of Technology - Silicon Valley
Iannucci, Bob Director, Cylab Mobility Research Center and Distinguished Service Professor, ECE Website

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Akinci, Burcu Professor Website
Finger, Susan Professor Website

Computer Science Department
Cortina, Tom Associate Teaching Professor Website
Dannenberg, Roger Professor Website
Fatahalian, Kayvon Assistant Professor Website
Kosbie, David Assistant Teaching Professor Website
Nyberg, Eric Professor Website
Touretzky, Dave Research Professor Website
Veloso, Manuela Professor Website

Department of English
Ishizaki, Suguru Associate Professor of English Website
Kaufer, David Professor of English Website
Ritivoi, Andreea Professor of English Website

Department of Philosophy
Danks, David Department Head, Professor of Philosophy and Psychology Website

Department of Psychology
Lovett, Marsha Teaching Professor Website

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Fedder, Gary Howard M. Wilkoff Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering  Website
Moura, Jose Professor and Associate Department Head for Research and Strategy Website
Narasimhan, Priya Associate Professor Website
Pileggi, Larry Tanoto Professor Website
Rowe, Anthony Assistant Research Professor Website
Stern, Richard Professor Website
Sullivan, Thomas Associate Teaching Professor Website

Entertainment Technology Center
Corbett, Tom Instructor Website
Culyba, David Senior Research Programmer Website
Davidson, Andrew Director and Teaching Professor Website
Klug, Chris Adjunct Faculty Website
Saldamarco, Shirley Special Faculty Website
Schell, Jesse Distinguished Professor of the Practice Website
Trybus, Jessica Senior Special Faculty Website
Vituccio, Ralph Assistant Teaching Professor Website

Heinz College
Ashley Crawford, Brett Assistant Teaching Professor of Arts Management Website
Haritos Tsamitis, Dena Director, Information Networking Institute; Director of Education, Training, and Outreach, CyLab Website
Smith, Michael Professor of Information Technology and Marketing Website
Telang, Rahul Professor of Information Systems; PhD Program Chair Website

Human-Computer Interaction Institute
Aleven , Vincent Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs Website
Forlizzi, Jodi Professor Website
Hammer, Jessica Assistant Professor Website
Kittur, Aniket Assistant Professor Website
Koedinger, Ken Professor Website
Louw, Marti Director, Learning Media Design Center Website
Siewiorek, Daniel Professor Website
Zimmerman, John Associate Professor Website

Insitute for Software Research
Carley, Kathleen Professor, Computation, Organization and Society Website

Mechanical Engineering
Cagan, Jonathan George Tallman and Florence Barrett Ladd Professor Website
LeDuc, Phil William J. Brown Professor Website

School of Architecture
Akin, Omer Professor Website
Barbuto, Nina Adjunct Faculty Website
Bard, Joshua Assistant Professor Website
Byrne, Daragh Intel Integrative Design Fellow Website
Carter, Donald David Lewis Director of Urban Design and Regional Engagement, Remaking Cities Institute Website
Cupkova, Dana Assistant Professor Website
Krishnamurti, Ramesh Professor Website
Marsico, Jakob Instructor Website

School of Art
Burgess, Lowry Professor of Art Website
Diaz, Spencer Animation Teaching Assistant Website
Duesing, James Professor of Art Website
Levin, Golan Associate Professor of Art Website
Momeni, Ali Assistant Professor of Art Website
Pedercini, Paolo Visiting Assistant Professor of Art Website
Ragona, Melissa Associate Professor of Visual Culture and Critical Theory Website
Silver, Suzie Professor Website

School of Design
Anderson, Eric Co-Founder & Co-Director, Integrated Innovation Institute, Associate Dean, College of Fine Arts, Associate Professor of Industrial Design, School of Design Website
Chung, Wayne Associate Professor, ID Program Chair Website
Hughes, Kristin Associate Professor Website
Rohrbach, Stacie Associate Professor Website
Scupelli, Peter Assistant Professor in Interaction Design Website

School of Drama
Cousin, Tome Assistant Professor, Dance Website
Moore, Catherine Associate Teaching Professor, Movement Website
Mundell, Anne Associate Professor, Scene Design Website
Pickett, Sarah Assistant Professor, Sound Design Website
Shea, Larry Associate Professor, Video & Media Design Website
Weems, Marianne Associate Professor, The John Wells Directing Program Website

School of Music
Opie, Ben Artist Lecturer in Music Technology Website
Schulz, Riccardo Associate Teaching Professor, Director of Recording Activities Website
Stiles, Jesse Assistant Teaching Professor of Sound Media Website
Thomas, Marilyn Professor of Music Website

Tepper School of Business
Aven, Brandy Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior & Theory Website
Boatwright, Peter Carnegie Bosch Professor of Marketing; Co-Director, Integrated Innovation Institute Website
Mawhinney, David Executive Director of Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship; Co-Director, CMU Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Associate Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship Website
Woolley, Anita Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior & Theory Website

The Institute for Complex Engineered Systems
Hansen, Jeffery Research Associate Professor Website
Sanfilippo, Matthew Executive Director of ICES, PSII and Co-Associate Director of PITA Website
Subrahmanian, Eswaran Research Professor at ICES Website

The Robotics Insitute
Hodgins, Jessica Professor Website
Matikainen, Pyry Reality Computing Teaching Fellow Website
McCann, Jim Professor Website
Nourbakhsh, Illah Professor Website
Sheikh, Yaser Associate Research Professor Website
Shoop, Robin Director of the Robotics Academy Website
Simmons, Reid Research Professor/Associate Director for Education Website
Srinivasa, Siddhartha Finmeccanica Associate Professor Website
Yaron, Dror Director of Outreach Website
Zeglin, Garth Instructor/Project Scientist Website