Find research, internship, and other opportunities for IDeATe students

Summer Research Assistantships with Human-Computer Interaction Institute

A Human-Computer Interaction research group in Carnegie Mellon's Machine Learning department and the Center for Machine Learning and Health is looking for research assistants for this summer. We have several exciting projects that explore ways of designing emerging computing technologies for society. We work with non-profit organizations in Pittsburgh, which will give you an opportunity to use research to help solve real-world problems. 

Examples of ongoing projects:

  • Designing location-based services for homeless populations in Pittsburgh and San Diego
  • Working with 412 Food Rescue, a food rescue organization to investigate fairness and motivation in algorithmic services
  • Exploring new data visualization methods for scientific analysis (http://genamap.org) and civic engagement
  • Understanding perceptions of algorithmic decisions
  • Creating new interfaces to make algorithms more transparent

We are looking for students from diverse backgrounds, including computer science, information systems, social psychology, decision sciences, and design. Experience with coding and/or designing web/mobile applications, conducting data analytics, or running user studies will be a plus.

Depending on your interests and skills, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Use qualitative and qualitative research methods to understand human experiences with technologies
  • Design and code new web/mobile applications and services
  • Analyze real-world datasets to understand and address problems

If interested, please send an email to mklee@cs.cmu.edu with your resume and unofficial transcript. Most RA positions are for credit. A few paid positions may be arranged depending on the fit.

Tunxis Country Club Design Sprint

Albert Tomasso, a masters student in Human-Computer Interaction, is hoping to recruit some of his fellow students for a project very dear to him. His family has a 45-hole golf and restaurant/wedding business called Tunxis Country Club, which they’ve built over the years since its founding in 1962. 55 years years later, it’s time to reinvent core aspects of the business, so they’re excited to invite collaborators for a design sprint this May!

The challenge is to transform golf and events for a younger and more diverse demographic, with a view toward improving all touchpoints of the guest experience. From a bigger picture, there’s an opportunity to develop new entertainment and recreation offerings on the 350-acre property. Deliverables can be shared in portfolios as a professional client project, and we can discuss paid engagements for projects that people are passionate about continuing beyond the trip.

Given its timing at the conclusion of a long semester, this trip needs to be FUN. Festivities will include bonfires, boating, barbecues, open bar, and maybe one of my favorite childhood activities… golf cart tag!!

Dates: Flexible range from Friday, May 12—Thursday, May 18
Location: Tunxis Country Club, Farmington, Connecticut
Logistics: We’ll organize carpools; cover gas/transportation; and provide food, drinks, and lodging. 

We’re also looking for freelance collaborators on branding and web design. 

Apply here! Questions can go to atomasso@cs.cmu.edu.


Photography/Videography Internships at Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble

The Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble is looking for visionary photography and videography interns to capture the essence of each of the four unique weekend shows we offer this July. As our "official photographer," you will be welcome to all rehearsals throughout the week, and have full access to be as close to the musicians as need be during the dress
rehearsals each Thursday night, which includes full lighting and staging. We also invite you to come to the Friday or Saturday show each week for long shots that you may not have captured, as well as stay for the afterparty and capture the more social side of PNME and our audience. Your work will be featured on social media as "sneak peeks" for upcoming shows, featured in galleries on the website, and will serve as promotional material for the following season to your credit. Through the four unique shows you have the potential to build an extensive portfolio, and we look forward to giving you fantastic subjects to capture! Please contact Catherine at: catherine@pnme.org with your interest. 
WEEK 1: July 6 (Dress Rehearsal1) July 7 or 8 (Show 1 and afterparty)
WEEK 2: July 12 (Solo Show - piano) *optional
July 13 (Dress Rehearsal 2) July 14 or 15 (Show 2 and afterparty)
WEEK 3: July 19 (Solo Show - clarinet) * optional
July 20 (Dress Rehearsal 3) July 21 or 22 (Show 3 and afterparty)
WEEK 4: July 26 (Solo Show - piano) *optional
July 27 (Dress Rehearsal 4) July 28 or 29 (Show 4 and afterparty)