Entertainment Technology Center

The expertise of the ETC in game design and interactive storytelling infuses the educational experience of many CMU students

The Entertainment Technology Center is a premiere professional center for interactive entertainment as it is applied across a variety of fields, with special focus on the art and science of game design and development.  The ETC offers a unique two-year Master of Entertainment Technology (MET) degree that is jointly conferred by the School of Computer Science and the College of Fine Arts.

After fifteen years of experience offering the MET, the ETC excels as an educational environment in which interdisciplinary students acquire collaboration, creativity and communication expertise while applying their artistic, design, technical and production skills in collaborative entertainment technology projects. Rapid-prototyping, iterative design and agile development methods are used to uncover the fundamental principles (gameplay mechanics, indirect control, interest curves, improvisational storytelling) of how interactive experiences best perform and ingrain these skills in the development and creative processes of our graduates. The project work enables ETC graduate students to create innovative experiences that educate, engage and inspire. The ETC training approach balances educational goals, professional development, and engaging experiences; or learn, work and play.

The ETC excels at games, location-based media and interactive storytelling, with semester-long projects focused on games for impact, artistic meaningful gameplay, professional production, location-based entertainment, and transmedia storytelling. Transformational experiences that impact the participants in meaningful ways are designed and developed within a wide range of applications: learning, health, training, social impact, civics, commercial entertainment and more.   ETC offers courses in game design and development, and every semester a number of ETC project courses create playable game prototypes many in partnership with corporate clients, K-12 institutions, health care providers, and community organizations.

The ETC reports to the Vice Provost for Design, Arts and Technology and is a central component of the IDeATe network. The ETC leads the offering of the IDeATe undergraduate game design concentration/minor open to all CMU undergraduates. The ETC also leads the game design fusion studios for the cross University Emerging Media Masters degree. Thus the expertise of the ETC in game design and interactive entertainment infuses the educational experience of many CMU students. Furthermore the ETC research and educational activities are integrally connected to many relevant areas of CMU expertise; from technology-enhanced learning, to robotics and interactive art.