Graduate Intercollegiate Tech-Arts Degrees

CMU has one of the richest networks of technology-arts education pathways in the country

A number of intercollegiate undergraduate and graduate degrees spanning technology and the arts synergize with the IDeATe undergraduate concentrations to comprise a rich network of technology-arts education pathways at CMU. Graduate degrees include the the Masters in Entertainment Technology, the Master of Integrated Innovation, the Masters of Science in Music and Technology, and the Architecture-Engineering-Construction Management Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy.

Master of Entertainment Technology (MET)

The two-year Master of Entertainment Technology (MET) degree is offered by the Entertainment Technology Center and is jointly conferred by the School of Computer Science and the College of Fine Arts. The MET focuses on interactive entertainment as it is applied across a variety of fields with special focus on the art and science of game design and development and interactive storytelling. Through the MET interdisciplinary students acquire collaboration, creativity and communication expertise while applying their artistic, design, technical and production skills through entertainment technology research projects. The project work enables graduate students to create innovative interactive experiences that educate, engage and inspire.

Master of Integrated Innovation

The Master of Integrated Innovation degree focuses on the creation of products, services and interactive experiences that define new product opportunities that exceed user value expectations. It is offered out of the Integrated Innovation Institute, a joint effort of the CMU College of Engineering, School of Design and Tepper School of Business. The program excels at providing engineers, designers, business students and those in related fields, the skills and knowledge to become elite innovators. Students graduate to become accomplished practitioners and leaders of the product development process.

Master of Science in Music and Technology

The Master of Science in Music and Technology is offered jointly by the School of Music, the School of Computer Science and the Carnegie Institute of Technology. The program consists of a set of courses that span both music and technology, as well as a comprehensive capstone composition/design/performance project. As the backgrounds and needs of the students are highly varied, specific course selection is supervised by the students in concert with an Advising Committee. Potential areas of study include technologically assisted composition, technologically augmented performance; computer music systems and technology; music signal processing; music information retrieval; acoustics, sound recording, and music instrument design; and music cognition and perception. The overall goal of the program is to develop leaders, highly creative innovators who will design and build the music software and hardware for the remainder of the 21st century and beyond.

Architecture-Engineering-Construction Management Master

The Architecture-Engineering-Construction Management Master of Science (MSAECM) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD-AECM) is a joint effort between the School of Architecture and the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. The AECM programs provide a uniquely interdisciplinary education, exposing students to the multi-faceted building delivery process while providing a foundation for ethical, economic, and environmentally-sensitive decision making.