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November 21, 2014

Andrew Perkis Visits Carnegie Mellon to Talk about Immersive Media Technology Experiences

Andrew Perkis, an associate professor at Norway University of Science and Technology, visited Carnegie Mellon in November and gave a presentation on his work with Immersive Media Technology Experiences.

"The talk will start by defining and discussing the aspects of Immersive Media Technology Experiences followed by a review of the current quality issues related to the area. In order to find a measure for the user’s perceived quality of the received media presentation we have been active in the development shifting from using simple Quality of Service (QoS) as a measure of the quality to the broader concept of Quality of Experience. The results from quality assessments in multimedia communications let us extend our work moving into new digital media enabling more immersive experiences incorporating several disciplines including Media Technology, Entertainment, Art and Architecture. Finally the talk will provide selected case studies of our work including, Sense-IT. Picturing the Brain, Chrome Space and Parken."

Perkis' presentation can be viewed on the Media Tech streaming service.

About Andrew Perkis: Andrew Perkis received his Siv.Ing and Dr. Techn. Degrees in 1985 and 1994, respectively. In 2008 he received an executive Master of Technology Management in cooperation from NTNU, NHH and NUS (Singapore). Since 1993 he has held the position of Associate Professor at the Department of Telecommunications at NTNU and as full professor since 2003. Currently he is focusing on Multimedia Signal Processing, specifically within methods and functionality of content representation, quality assessment and its use within the media value chain in a variety of applications. He was one of the founding authors of concepts such as Universal Multimedia Access and Quality of Experience (QoE). He is also involved in setting up directions and visions for new research within media technology and entertainment as well as directions for innovations in Immersive Media Technology Experiences.