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Still from The Tunguska Event by Cora Hickoff

June 18, 2020

IDeATe Students Featured in International Animation Showcase

Class of 2020 Animation Virtual Showcase

Our graduating students had to bypass some of the traditional events that would have marked their accomplishments over the last few years. But a number of these events have moved online, making them more accessible to larger audiences and concentrating our appreciation for the work being showcased.
The International Animated Film Society has coordinated a Class of 2020 Animation Virtual Showcase that premiered this week. School of Art/IDeATe faculty member Johannes DeYoung helped eight Carnegie Mellon students submit their work. Visit to view animations from Lumi Barron, Cora Hickoff, Hannah Kim, Peter Sheehan, Sophia Qin, Katie Tender, Sophia Videva, and Sheenu You.


The Dopesheet

Also in animation news, Johannes DeYoung has been collaborating with Entertainment Technology Center/IDeATe faculty Mo Mahler on The Dopesheet, which is now live. The Dopesheet serves as "Carnegie Mellon University's hub for Computer Generated Imagery and Animation." DeYoung and Mahler will be using the site to highlight student and faculty work and to offer resources like models and rigs that animators can use in their creations.