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Graphic of Novid app

April 09, 2021

Prof Po-Shen Loh Talks Game Theory and Fighting COVID

A New Approach for Fighting Infectious Disease, Combining Game Theory and Network Theory

Today, April 9, 4-5 pm ET, at the CMU Outdoor Stage/CFA lawn, join Po-Shen Loh, math professor and the national coach of the USA International Mathematical Olympiad team, as he shares the path to discovery that him and a team of CMU students, faculty, and alumni to develop the NOVID app. This informal talk is meant for a general audience, and will be understandable to students from all majors. Rather than a class-style lecture, this event aims to illuminate the theory, interspersed with the story of discovery amidst the chaos of 2020-21. Since the topic spans from mathematical theory to social entrepreneurship, the event is likely to be of interest to anyone seeking to someday explore the unknown. For more information and to RSVP, please visit Tickets are limited and RSVP is required. Sponsored by First-Year Orientation & Family Engagement.


Tartan Allies Virtual Sessions

The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion is hosting virtual Tartan Allies sessions this spring on April 29 and May 26. Tartan Allies is a series of sessions offered to CMU faculty, staff, and students to foster a network of people who are committed to working toward an affirming environment for all at CMU. In particular, the series focuses on being an ally to those in the LGBTQ+ community. Tartan Allies is made up of three progressive sessions, with participants free to choose the number they wish to complete. As our name suggests, being an ally is not a passive behavior. Good and effective allies listen, learn and act. Join us for Tartan Allies sessions if you are interested in becoming a part of this inclusive and supportive community. As always, please contact the Center with any questions.


Playtesters Wanted for ETC Projects

Graduate students from the ETC want your help playtesting their projects! Most of the projects can be tested remotely but a few will be tested at the ETC building.
There is a Google sheet with a list of available projects and details. For questions about any of these projects, please contact Mike Christel.

Summer Course: 99-520 Exploration of Everyday Materials

This summer, Materials Science & Engineering professor Robert Heard will be offering a section of 99-520 on Exploration of Everyday Materials. 99-520 courses are tuition-free! If you are interested in participating, please state your interest on this form by Friday, April 16. IDeATe students: if you take this course and would like to have it count toward an IDeATe minor, please contact Kelly Delaney.
Prof Heard's section is designed for upper level undergraduate students outside of the College of Engineering who wish to learn about materials by experientially exploring the selection, design, or applications of materials. Students will be given a loosely defined final product concept toward with the research will evolve Students will individually explore the materials and processes that could be used for this product, sharing their experience with others working toward their versions addressing the same goal. The research will involve discovery of the materials properties, structure, performance constraints, and sustainability impacts through hands-on DIY studio work. Weekly studio planning meetings guide the direction of work and may include informational lectures, exchange of ideas coming from success or failures, and discussions to deepen the understanding of materials as students work on individual projects. The remainder of the experience is student-driven hands-on exploration of the materials or material-product in a studio environs at CMU, or remotely at the student’s residence.
No prerequisites, but students should be interested in experimenting with basic materials derived from commonly available food and/or drug store supplies. Students will need to be willing to provide the organic materials for their research, have access to a kitchen setting, and be knowledgeable in basic kitchen safety practices.

ICYMI: BIPOC Literary Journal: Submissions Wanted!

CMU students Melina Castillo and Jamie Espinosa are working as Fellows with the Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion. They are currently putting together the first annual BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Literary Journal. The journal's mission is to uplift and amplify BIPOC voices to work toward a change in CMU's PWI (predominantly white institution) culture and to build solidarity between our diverse communities. This community-based journal seeks to collect and share original, multimedia works by BIPOC students, faculty, and staff at CMU. You can submit a new or previously made work and anonymous submissions are accepted. The themes/content of the work are also entirely up to you and can be various media forms such as writing, drawings, comics, photography, film, etc. To submit, please upload works to their Google form or email it to
Submissions will be accepted until April 10 at 11:59 pm ET.
Bonus: They are looking for an art submission to the be the cover of the journal! If you would like your art to be considered for the cover, please note that in the Google form/email. The student whose art is selected will receive a wellness gift basket.