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Image of starry night sky that reads Winterhack 2021 Art & Technology Event experimental lighting, local artists, retro computer art screenings, and more! bring a project or just drop by and see what's happening! join the discussions about: late winter events for pittsburgh, how makers and artists can collaborate, and more!

February 18, 2021

WinterHack 2021 + MoonRanger Project

WinterHack 2021

WinterHack 2021 will take place online this Saturday, February 20, from 4 to 9pm EST.  WinterHack is a winter art and technology event, now in its third year, that explores winter art, collaborations between artists and makers, and late winter event ideas for Pittsburgh and other Great Lakes / Rust Belt cities.  See the schedule and send requests to access the Slack and Zoom for the event to by Friday, February 19.


MoonRanger Project: Game Designers Wanted

MoonRanger is a student-led project with the ambitious goal of sending the first autonomous micro rover to the Moon in search of polar ice by 2022. Lunar ice is amongst the most valued resources in the solar system because it can serve as a viable source for drinking water, growing food, breathing oxygen, and creating rocket fuel. It is the key to enabling the human race to leap beyond the moon to deep space. This is an exciting, fast moving project that will deliver the rover to our lunar lander provider by the end of 2021 with a planned mission launch of December 2022.
Our current focus is on building, integrating and testing our proto-flight micro rover using a combination of off the shelf components and in house designs. In particular, the simulation team is using Unreal Engine and Gazebo to build a lunar environment and test autonomy software and surface operations. Students with game design experience will be a valuable asset! If you are excited about joining the team, register for 16-865, undergrads included. You can also fill out this form and the team leads will get reach out to you.


Game Creation Society Pitch Fair

The Game Creation Society Pitch Fair is happening next Friday (Feb 19th) at 6 pm EST. At GCS, we create ~5-7 games each semester. The Pitch Fair is where you can see all the games people propose to make this semester. Even if you are unsure whether to join a game or not, join the fair and check it out!


SIGGRAPH 2021: Apply to Participate

The foundation of SIGGRAPH lies in previously inconceivable ideas made possible by the brilliance and determination of the computer graphics community. Solidify your spot in SIGGRAPH history and shape the next generation of innovation with your top-notch tech or extraordinary idea.

Experience the thrill of having industry advancement at your fingertips and submit your best work to Appy Hour, Courses, Educator's Forum, Emerging Technologies, Immersive Pavilion, Labs, Panels, or Talks by February 23rd.

Survey for IDeATe Students from an IDeATe Alum!

Sarika Bajaj is an IDeATe alum and has a start-up called Refiberd. They are working on research to quantify U.S. textile waste and textile disposal/donation habits and they want your input! Take about 10-15 minutes to help them by completing their survey. (Note: it is best to take the survey at your place of residence.)

VR Developers and 3D Artists/Modelers Wanted for Student Start-Up

No company in the golf industry is currently taking advantage of virtual reality technology. This is why we want to create an unmatched virtual reality experience for golfers to "walk" and "practice" on championship golf courses that will result in their greater success and improvement. This is an opportunity to disrupt the current way golfers study the course, which is crucial especially in competitive play. We have gotten great traction after speaking with a few companies in the industry, and now I am looking for a team consisting of VR developers and 3D artists to help me create an initial proof of concept. Whether it be freelance work or you are interested in being part of a startup, please reach out to me at No golfing experience or knowledge is required!

Hedy Lamarr Student Award

DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group is pleased to announce the fifth year of an annual student award of $10,000, the "Hedy Lamarr Achievement Award for Emerging Leaders in Entertainment Technology," which recognizes female college students in their Junior Year who have shown exceptional promise in the fields of entertainment and technology. Apply by February 19 for the opportunity to further your interest and excellence in your chosen area of study. Questions can go to Bekah Sturm.