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March 05, 2021

Models of Motion + Opportunities with AlphaLab, Protohaven, Cognizant

Today! RI Seminar: New Probabilistic Models of Motion with Prof Gustav Eje Henter

Data-driven character animation holds great promise for games, film, virtual avatars and social robots. A “virtual AI actor” that moves in response to intuitive, high-level input could turn 3D animators into directors, instead of requiring them to laboriously pose the character for each frame of animation, as is the case today. This talk with KTH Royal Institute of Technology professor Gustav Eje Henter makes the case that machine learning now has advanced far enough where strong and general (task-agnostic) motion models are possible. Join the discussion today, March 5, 3:30-4:30 pm EST. (Zoom link / Meeting ID: 957 2467 9972 / Passcode: RISEM

TartanHacks logo made in the style of early Mac OS graphics. Gray window that reads Thx! TartanHacks Version 10 March 5-7, 2021

TartanHacks Begins Today!

TartanHacks, Pittsburgh’s largest hackathon, is coming up this March 5th to 7th! This is the 10th year of TartanHacks, so you know it’s going to be the best one yet! This year, our hackathon is bigger than ever, and we have amazing sponsors, workshops, and prizes planned. Even though TartanHacks will be virtual, we still have awesome swag to give out and raffles, events, and challenges for hackers to participate in. Our registration opened earlier today on, so make sure to check out and sign up as soon as you can! Also, make sure to RSVP to the Facebook event to stay up to date. If you have questions feel free to email
PS — follow the ScottyLabs Instagram @cmu.scottylabs if you want to receive hints that’ll give you an advantage in our challenges and events and the TartanHacks Twitter @tartanhacks to get continuous updates! We hope to see you there!


Just Added for Mini 4: 15-661/62-661 Interaction and Expression Using the Pausch Bridge Lighting

IDeATe students: this course will count toward the Media Design and Intelligent Environments areas.

For this mini-course, we'll explore the nature of light as art by creating new kinetic light displays for the Randy Pausch Memorial Bridge. We'll cover a few fundamentals of lighting design and interactive compositional tools. Students will work in cross-disciplinary teams to develop projects to show on the actual bridge. Groups can work with the commercial Pharos lighting system or use their own tools or code to compose compatible content. The final projects will be exhibited on the bridge and considered for the repertoire. Instructors Cindy Limauro and Garth Zeglin have compiled examples of previous Pausch bridge projects for you to zone out to.

Apply for SURG/SURF

Applications are open for SURG/SURF proposals! These fellowships are open to all undergraduates interested in pursuing a research project and provide funding to cover supplies, materials, or time on laboratory equipment. Visit the Undergraduate Research Office for more information and to apply and attend the SURG/SURF Application Workshop on March 10, 4:30-5:30 pm EST (Zoom link / Meeting ID 967 4826 5037 / Passcode 612935)


LGBTQ+ Career Panel

Join CMUQ+ and PRISM for their LGBTQ+ Career Panel on March 11, 6:30-8:00 pm EST.They are excited to host six alumni who will talk about their experiences in the workforce as members of the LGBTQ+ community. Join the discussion to ask questions and learn from fellow Tartans. Register here to attend on Zoom. The Zoom link will be distributed to registrants on the day of the event.


AlphaLab & AlphaLab Gear Applications Are Open and More Flexible Than Ever Before

We at AlphaLab and AlphaLab Gear believe that we should always give companies what they need, when they need it. So we’re making some enhancements to AlphaLab and AlphaLab Gear to make them more flexible and more accessible while continuing to provide the value these programs are known for: investment, deep one-on-one engagement, connections to our network of investors, mentors, partners, and customers, and tailored resources on topics such as sales, customer acquisition, business operations, and fundraising.

More info about the program here.

Applications are always open but before you apply...
Meet with us for office hours and/or a virtual info session.

Call for Applications: NSF REU Site on Immersive Media Computing

Georgia State University invites undergraduate students to join emerging and interdisciplinary research related to virtual reality/augmented reality, computer vision, video streaming, GPU rendering, parallel computing, and game development. There is full financial support for the selected participants. Visit GSU's REU site for more information and to apply. Early application date is March 15 and notifications will be sent out after April 1 on a rolling basis.

Teaching Fellowship Program at Protohaven

Protohaven’s Teaching Fellowship is a one-year program that is designed for excellent, skillful teachers who are enthusiastic about expanding and sharing their talents in a collaborative, multidisciplinary shop environment. As a team, Teaching Fellows collaboratively develop core Protohaven classes—classes that dive into everything from immersive projects that teach students how to operate equipment with confidence to advanced maintenance and troubleshooting intensives that earn members clearance to join our maintenance crew. Right now, we’re looking to build classes that focus on high-demand tools. That means creating foundational curricula for areas like our graphics and laser studio, blacksmithing forge, consumer sewing machines, metal shop, welding area, and wood shop. With a strong foundation underway, we’ll begin looking to introduce classes that span the full spectrum of tools that Protohaven has to offer.
Learn more and apply at

Cognizant Pathways in Technology Scholarship Opportunity

Cognizant Technology Solutions has opened up the 2021 Pathways in Technology Scholarship application. Cognizant’s Pathways in Technology Scholarship aims to build an inclusive pipeline of tech talent by supporting students from underrepresented communities as they pursue a degree in computer science. To download the scholarship application visit