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Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology

Colleen Duong

Colleen Duong (A 2022)

IDeATe Areas

Animation & Special Effects


Architecture is like storytelling. Buildings provide limitless possibilities between what it represents in the past, what it is in the present, and what it can become in the future. Like humans, buildings also live and breathe the environment around it, constantly changing and adapting over time. It becomes a part of a person’s own story by providing an unforgettable experience that they’ll have with them for a lifetime and it becomes a part of history for its community. I’m a storyteller that’s interested in designing architecture that creates these unique experiences through memorable design.

Animation & Special Effects in IDeATe has helped me enhance my storytelling skills in a different field. In addition to telling a story through a person that I've created, I've been able to take courses where I can create a space that helps enhance the story of that person that I've created. This is a skill that I was able to take into my major in architecture when it comes to designing more specific spaces within an entire building and envisioning how I can possibly see a person utilizing that space. I've also learned skills in storyboarding, which I can take into architecture to help visually tell my design's story.