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Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology

IDeATe students are constantly producing interesting and thought-provoking work.

To showcase this work and to encourage our students to document and reflect on their course projects, we created the IDeATe Gallery. The gallery houses examples of projects from many IDeATe classes and allows others to get a sense of the type of work that we do.

We regularly feature a project in this space, but please take a moment to peruse the rest of the gallery!

3D printed Angry Bird Prototype from an IDeATe Class

Featured Project - How to Learn: Rapid Prototype Design

This course was not so much about making things for me. Rather, it was how I THOUGHT about making things. Tina Fey would say that when improvising, always agree...and. I learned that in building anything, once you've built your initial design, agree that it is correct and make something more onto it. This page is an insight into my thoughts about the course Rapid Prototyping Design and what I learned over the semester.

Ultimately, I learned how to learn in this class...

Sketch of Smelli project for IDeATe class

Featured Project - Smelli - To Investigate the Role of Smells in Remembering Loss of Cultural Events

In thinking about the various issues and impact of augmentation of experiences through smell, we considered what the current situation is and what the most probable path of advancement in terms of smell technology would be within the next 10 years.

Today, our sense of smell is becoming increasingly important. From air fresheners to smoke alarms to masks, we see that smell is associated with not only the idea of cleanliness and health but also experience and  personal memories...