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Learning Media

When we learn, we often do so with the use of some form of media. We visualize concepts with the help of drawings on a chalkboard and we take notes with a pencil and paper. We pore through digital archives for research or play an educational game on a tablet.

Students in Learning Media will combine their diverse skills for the design of effective new media systems for learning; from games for learning to tangible learning tool kits and remote learning systems. They will focus on systems that leverage new technologies, media arts knowledge, and learning science principles to create engaging experiences with measurable real world impact.

Learning Media offers courses that cover, in an interdisciplinary manner accessible to students from all disciplines, the basic concepts and methods of learning science. Students will combine these courses with relevant media making courses from other IDeATe areas (Game Design, Mediated Narrative, Physical Computing, etc.) and technology-enhanced learning courses. The Learning Media Design course brings students across disciplines together to explore integrative design of learning media through hands-on collaborative projects.

Learning Media Minor - Five Courses

One Portal course

  • 15-104 Introduction to Computing for Creative Practice - recommended for DC, CFA, and TSB majors
  • 62-150 Introduction to Media Synthesis & Analysis - recommended for CIT, MCS and SCS majors

Four Collaborative and Supportive Courses

  • 05-291 Learning Medai Design
  • 05-292 Learning Media Methods
  • 05-418 Design of Educational Games
  • 05-432 Personalized Online Learning
  • 05-438 The Role of Technology in Learning in the 21st Century
  • 05-823 E-Learning Design Principles
  • 05-899E Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
  • 51-486 Learner Experience Design
  • 80-292 Learning Science Principles
  • 85-392 Human Expertise
  • 76-285 Team Communication

Note: Students also have the option of taking one Collaborative or Supportive course from one of the other IDeATe areas as an elective for their Learning Media minor.

Double-counting: Students may double-count up to two of their IDeATe minor courses for other requirements.

Learning Media Faculty

The Learning Media faculty represent Carnegie Mellon's expertise in Entertainment Technology, Human-Computer Interaction, and Philosophy. They carefully oversee the collaboration of students while delivering the IDeATe Learning Media courses.