Integrative Design, Arts and Technology (IDeATe)

What is IDeATe?

The Integrative Design, Arts and Technology Network (IDeATe) at Carnegie Mellon University connects diverse strengths across CMU to advance education, research and creative practice in domains that merge technology and arts expertise.

IDeATe supports eight interrelated undergraduate concentration areas, all of which can also be taken as minors. The themes of these areas integrate knowledge in technology and arts: game design, animation and special effects, media design, sound design, learning media design, entrepreneurship for creative industries, intelligent environments, and physical computing.

The IDeATe concentrations aim to train a student to be excellent in one area of technology or arts and be able to collaborate within diverse cohorts of technology and arts experts. To achieve this goal, IDeATe has sponsored the development of 30 new interdisciplinary technology-arts studio based courses. These studio classes are focused on hands on collaborative learning and are structured to combine students from many different disciplines. The curriculum is being developed and delivered by 65 faculty across 15 different academic units of CMU and being delivered at the new IDEATE collaborative making facility housed at the central Hunt Library.

IDeATe is also supporting the development of a new cross CMU professional Masters degree in Emerging Media. The degree is being planned as a collaborative effort of the College of Fine Arts (CFA), School of Computer Science (SCS), and College of Engineering (CIT). The program will consist of a first-year experience that builds fundamental skills in a key component of emerging media coupled with interdisciplinary knowledge fusion and problem solving experiences in the second year focused on grand challenges in emerging media.

IDeATe is also leading the development of the CMU Integrative Media Program (IMP) in NYC. The IMP program is part of the Applied Sciences NYC initiative. The CMU IMP facility at Steiner Studios at the Brooklyn Navyyard will start hosting four interrelated graduate programs in Fall 2015: Emerging Media Masters, Masters in Computational Data Science, Masters in Integrated Innovation, Masters in Urban Design.