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The IDeATe Network

As the only U.S. university with top-ten ranked units in computer science, engineering and the arts, Carnegie Mellon is uniquely placed to advance education and research in technology-arts based creative industries. 

The Integrative Design, Arts and Technology (IDeATe) network at Carnegie Mellon connects diverse strengths across the university to advance education, research, and creative practice in domains that merge technology and arts expertise. The core activities of IDeATe include: eight undergraduate concentration and minors on new creative industry themes: game design, animation and special effects, media design, sound design, learning media design, innovation & entrepreneurship, intelligent environments, and physical computing delivered in collaborative learning and making labs. We offer a professional Masters degree in Emerging Media offered across the College of Fine Arts, the School of Computer Science, and the College of Engineering and are currently developing the Integrative Media Program. Our interdisciplinary research activities and labs include responsive environments, reality computing, physical computing, expanded theater, human machine virtuosity, learning media design, participatory culture incubator. We are also partners with the Entertainment Technology Center, a premiere professional center for interactive entertainment with specialization on the art and science of game design and development, specifically in transformational games. IDeATe activities also synergize with a number of intercollegiate undergraduate and graduate degrees spanning technology and the arts.

Game Design
Collaboration between disciplines to build the gaming worlds of tomorrow.
Animation & Special Effects
Integrate your key area of knowledge into digital animation projects.
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Work collaboratively in hands-on explorations of the complete 21st century innovation ecosystem.
Learning Media
Combine your expertise with the concepts and methods of the science of learning.
Media Design
Design mediated experiences across different platforms, from mobile to large-scale installations.
Sound Design
Explore the processes and products of digital sound and music.
Intelligent Environments
Develop smart spaces that support efficiency and high quality of experience.
Physical Computing
Explore the evolution of the physical world becoming a computing interface.
Emerging Media Masters Degree
Emerging Media Masters Degree
Development of specialized skills coupled with interdisciplinary knowledge fusion and problem solving in emerging media.
Graduate Program in Integrative Media
Graduate Program in Integrative Media
The Carnegie Mellon Integrative Media Program (IMP) at Steiner Studios in New York City
Entertainment Technology Center
Entertainment Technology Center
The expertise of the ETC in game design and interactive storytelling infuses the educational experience.
Undergraduate Intercollegiate Tech-Arts Degrees
Undergraduate Intercollegiate Tech-Arts Degrees
CMU has one of the richest networks of technology-arts education pathways in the country.
Graduate Intercollegiate Tech-Arts Degrees
Graduate Intercollegiate Tech-Arts Degrees
CMU has one of the richest networks of technology-arts education pathways in the country
Research Themes
Connecting graduate education to innovative interdisciplinary research in creative industries.


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