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What are Open Fabrication Hours?

Open Fabrication hours give the greater campus community access to IDeATe fabrication facilities and personnel.  In other words, if you have never taken an IDeATe course, this is your chance to use our 3D printers and laser cutters.  (Email at least one business day in advance to make a Wood Shop appointment.)  IDeATe students continue to have access any time the facilities are open, Hunt Library schedule permitting.

When are Open Fabrication Hours?

  • Academic Year: Monday through Friday, 5:00–6:00pm*
    *Held in the fall and spring under normal operation, excluding holidays and breaks
  • Summer Sessions: By appointment only

Academic Year: Monday through Friday, 5:00-6:00pm

Do you want to create a part using a laser cutter or a 3D printer, but haven’t taken an IDeATe course that gives you access to the fabrication facilities? IDeATe has Open Fabrication Hours Monday through Friday from 5:00 to 6:00pm during the academic year to give the campus community access to the IDeATe fabrication facility. Bring your prepared file to IDeATe and we will help you bring your part into reality.

For laser cutting, you must arrive with:

  1. A DXF file on a USB drive (how to create DXF files)
  2. Material from which to cut your part (list of permitted materials, IDeATe students may purchase materials at the Lending Office)

For 3D printing, you must arrive with:

  1. An STL file of a valid, solid 3D part on a USB drive (how to create STL files)

The print material depends on which 3D printer you use. We will give a price for the material before your job is printed.

For more information, contact

Summer Sessions: By appointment only

During the summer, if you want to use IDeATe resources and you are not an IDeATe affiliate, send an email to and provide as much detail as possible: which machine do you want to use, what material do you want to use, when are you available, etc.  Also, if possible, attach the DXF or STL file for your part.