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Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology

Work With Us!

We are always in need of enthusiastic students to help staff our Lending Desk and labs and to work with faculty as Teaching Assistants.

Job Descriptions

Tech Advisor: Junior Tech Advisors work primarily as monitors and techs for the IDeATe laser cutters. Requirements include successful completion of all required safety trainings in addition to a short, in-person laser monitor training.  Students in this position can start immediately and could advance to be Senior Tech Advisors.  Senior tech advisors tackle more complex tasks, including running 3D printers and staffing our Open Fabrication Hours sessions. 

Lending Desk Attendant: The technology lending program at IDeATe is unique to CMU. The lending office has everything from virtual reality equipment, to computers, to hand tools. The office also sells fabrication material to students in IDeATe courses. Lending desk attendants staff this office and handle checkouts, returns, and sales as well as restocking and organizing materials as needed. Students in this position also have the opportunity to help with facility work as needed. This a great opportunity for students to acquaint themselves with IDeATe operations and is open to anyone.

Soft Technologies Studio Assistant: The Soft Technologies Studio (Hunt A31) is a workspace for soft technologies projects involving fiber and textile construction techniques.  The Soft Technologies Studio Assistant would be responsible for organizing and monitoring the classroom materials in the space, and letting IDeATe know when inventory levels are low.  Students in this position will assist other IDeATe students who might have questions on textile supplies, materials or techniques during their working shift and IDeATe Open Access Hours.  There will also be opportunities to assist with workshops as they are scheduled.  This position will involve about 8 hours a week.

Teaching Assistants:  Teaching assistants assist a class under the direction of the course instructor.  Some examples of duties could include getting supplies ready for class projects, classroom set-up, grading homework, and conducting review sessions with students.  Typically, this position is about 8 hours per week.  Both undergraduate and graduate students may apply.

How to apply

If you are interested in working with us, please:

  1. Complete a CMU Student Employment Application and submit it to
  2. Complete IDeATe’s supplemental application. (Must log in to Google with your Andrew Google account.)
  3. Review the Human Resources information for Student Workers, in particular the documents needed for the I-9 authorization (required for all student employees) if it will take you some time to gather those and the ITA Language Certification (required for Teaching Assistants who have a native language/mother tongue other than English).

Please note, because of the continuing COVID-19 situation, there still remain many uncertainties that could impact programming, business needs and the role that you may be offered.  As a result, offers will be contingent upon a number of variables, including but not limited to whether this position will be needed for the full term referenced above, and whether your role involves work that must be performed in-person or can be performed remotely. If at any point in the academic year we are unable to continue on-campus operations such that you would need to perform this role remotely (assuming the work can, in the judgment of the University, be performed remotely), offers will be contingent on you being physically present in the U.S. with appropriate visa status and work authorization when this position commences and for the duration of the work performed. Your employment could be ended at any point in the academic year based on the above-mentioned variables.

Thank you!