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Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology

People of IDeATe

The IDeATe community is made up of individuals from many disciplines and perspectives. Our leadership and advisory committees shape the vision of our interdisciplinary collaboration and our dedicated staff and brilliant faculty expertly execute that vision.

Advisory Committees

Student Advisory Committee

The Student Advisory Committee has guided the development and growth of IDeATe since its inception. Its members come from various majors and participate in IDeATe in different ways: some are working toward one or more minors and some are taking a few classes for the collaborative experience. All of the SAC members are enthusiastic about strengthening connections across the Carnegie Mellon community to foster new ideas.

IDeATe faculty and staff meet with the SAC regularly to discuss ideas and issues and to inform each other of new opportunities.

The 2017-2018 SAC is forming now.

Faculty Advisory Board

The Faculty Advisory Board works with Dean Keith Webster to determine the paths that IDeATe will forge in interdisciplinary collaboration between technology and culture. The members of the board are: