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Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IDeATe?

IDeATe’s formal name is the Integrative Design, Arts and Technology Network. IDeATe brings together people from across campus who are interested in learning, making, and creating at the intersection of arts and technologies. IDeATe is a space, a place to learn, and a way to collaborate with people who make you see the world in new ways.

IDeATe supports eight interrelated undergraduate areas, all of which can be taken as minors. The themes of these areas integrate knowledge in technology and arts: Game Design, Animation and Special Effects, Media Design, Sound Design, Learning Media, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Intelligent Environments, and Physical Computing.

How do I access equipment, space, etc?

When you enroll in an IDeATe course (whether it’s a micro, a mini, or a full course), you receive training on the space-specific equipment. Once you have been granted access to an IDeATe space, you have access throughout your time at CMU.

What are the IDeATe courses?

The list of currently offered IDeATe courses is available on our main website. For more details, you can can also look at the IDeATe Courses website, which has links to syllabi and documentation for many IDeATe courses.

What are the Lending Desk hours?

Up-to-date hours for the IDeATe Lending Desk can be found under Hours of Operation.

How long may I borrow an item?

Lending times vary by item. Some items like laptops, which are in high demand for class use, can be borrowed only until the end of the day. Others, like small electronic prototyping gizmos, can be checked out until the end of the semester. When you borrow an item, you will receive an email confirmation that includes information on the date and time by which the item must be returned before late fees start to accrue.

Requests for due date extensions must be made one business day in advance of their due date (Monday–Friday, prior to 3pm). If the item is not needed by another student, the extension will be granted.  If an item is already late, it must be returned first. Provided it is not needed by another student, the item may be checked out again.  Read the IDeATe Lending Policy for more details.

I am not in an IDeATe course. Can I borrow items from the IDeATe Lending Desk?

If you are an IDeATe affiliate, which means you have at some point taken or taught an IDeATe class, then you can borrow items from the IDeATe Lending Desk.

I have special project that I’m working on and need access to IDeATe equipment/facilities outside of the usual policies. Can you help me with that?

From time to time, students and faculty reach out to IDeATe to inquire about using our facilities for projects not specifically related to IDeATe courses. Examples include access to the 3D printers for a summer research project or borrowing equipment for a display. To request resources for a special project, please contact to make an appointment with IDeATe staff to go over the necessary details. Please note that accommodations are subject to availability of equipment and facilities.

What materials are for sale and what are the prices, etc?

A full list of items available for purchase can be found on our price list page.

Can I take a tour of the IDeATe facilities?

Yes. IDeATe staff would be happy to give you a tour. Generally, we prefer to show the facilities Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and we avoid interrupting classes. If interested, please contact

How many seats are in Studios A and B?

Studio A (Hunt 106B) has a seating capacity of approximately 65, and Studio B (Hunt 106C) has a seating capacity of approximately 35.

Why do we not have more of item X in Lending?

We do our very best to provide resources and equipment to students to foster creative exploration at the intersection of art and technology. We encourage input from our students, faculty, and staff to determine those needs for the future. If you notice an item should be restocked, or have an idea of something new that could benefit the IDeATe community, please write to

How do I get a 3D print made (and what is the price)?

If you haven’t taken an IDeATe class that uses the 3D printers, you can come to IDeATe Open Fabrication Hours. You need to arrive with a valid solid model on a USB drive and an IDeATe staff member will guide you through the process of getting your part printed. Most parts cost less than $10, but this will depend on which printer you use and how large your part is.

How do I pay for materials?

For students, any material purchased from IDeATe Lending will be billed to your student account through the HUB.

Any questions about billing for materials may be directed to

How do I apply to work at IDeATe?

We are always in need of enthusiastic students to help staff our Lending Desk and labs! Learn about IDeATe jobs.