Carnegie Mellon University


Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology

A Carnegie Mellon education is a unique experience, providing deep disciplinary foundations in colleges that are among the best in their fields.

Incorporating IDeATe into undergraduate pursuits provides the opportunity to forge deeper connections with the diverse community of minds on campus. Students gain a better understanding and respect for other disciplines. The interactions that take place in the IDeATe labs and classrooms help them to understand why they wanted to study at Carnegie Mellon and how their skills and ideas can change and grow when in a larger context.

IDeATe offers undergraduate minors in Game Design, Animation & Special Effects, Design for Learning, Media Design, Sonic Arts, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Intelligent Environments, Physical Computing, Soft Technologies, and Immersive Technologies in Arts & Culture. All of these minors are open to students from every major. The courses in the IDeATe curriculum are also open to students from every major and we do not require participation in a minor to take the courses.