Carnegie Mellon University


Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology

Game Release


Come join us this Friday for our Spring 2024 Game Release and play some of the latest games created right here at CMU! We'll be featuring games from the Game Creation Society, 53-472 Advanced Game Studio, 60-224 Intermediate Game Studio, 05-818 Design for Educational Games, and more! This event is open to all and will be this Friday, April 26th from 5 to 7pm in UC Connan. Free catering will be provided.

Abundant Futures: Inflatables, Stop-Motion Animation, Experimental Sound Synthesis


Saturday, April 27, 3-5pm, WQED Studio A

Abundant Futures is an afternoon of sound, inflatables, and animation presented at WQED in Studio A. Sonic compositions, giant inflatable sculptures, and stop-motion animation come together to create an immersive landscape where abundant life (beyond human) is center stage. Audience members can explore the dynamic creations made by students of Experimental Sound Synthesis (taught by Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh), Inflatables (taught by Olivia Robinson), and Stop-Motion Animation (taught by Johannes DeYoung) at CMU. Kids are welcome! No tickets necessary. Invite your friends :)

Vox Humana

An evening of computer-controlled pipe organ, generative projections, and expanded performance Monday, April 29 - 8PM Church of the Ascension 4729 Ellsworth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Vox Humana invites you to a fusion of technology, art, and music celebrating the harmony between the ancient and the avant-garde. This event showcases the music of Carnegie Mellon University’s Exploded Ensemble, architectural video projections from Advanced ETB: Animation Studio: AI Generated Animation, and performance work from Advanced ETB: Digitally Mediated Performance. Exploded Ensemble has crafted music for the pipe organ using code and custom software, breathing digital life into one of music's oldest instruments. Within the embrace of a beautiful acoustic space, these compositions are not merely played but experienced, as they interact with architecturally mapped video projections featuring AI-generated imagery. These visuals are tailored to complement and react to the unique architectural elements of the venue, creating a dynamic and immersive environment. Performance artists will improvise live, their movements and expressions influenced by the experimental music and its interplay with the physical space. Together, these elements promise a mesmerizing exploration of how digital innovation can expand the boundaries of traditional musical performance, creating a spectacle that is as thought-provoking as it is enchanting. Join us for an evening where the past and the future converge in a symphony of sights and sounds, offering a glimpse into the limitless possibilities of artistic expression.