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Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology

The minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship is offered by the Tepper School of Business as part of the Integrative Design, Arts and Technology (IDeATe) network. IDeATe offers students the opportunity to become immersed in a collaborative community of faculty and peers who share expertise, experience, and passions at the intersection of arts and technology. The program addresses current and emerging real-world challenges that require disciplinary expertise coupled with multidisciplinary perspectives and collaborative integrative approaches.

The minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a cross-university initiative that brings together STEM disciplines with arts, humanities, and business.

In this minor, you will work collaboratively in hands-on explorations of the complete 21st century innovation ecosystem. You will experience integrated models of innovation that increase the likelihood of home-run products and services that will captivate society and/or the marketplace. Your contributions can fulfill deep-felt needs or connect culture and lifestyle in a way that galvanizes users and customers. Leveraging the diverse maker culture of Carnegie Mellon, this minor involves collaborative rapid prototyping and iteration.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor - Six Requirements


For students without prior Economics or Business Experience:
  • 70-100 Global Business
For students without prior Design or Product Design experience:
  • 15-294 Rapid Prototyping Technologies or
  • 15-394 Intermediate Rapid Prototyping or
  • 51-236 Information Design or
  • 62-478 digiTOOL
For students without prior programming or computing experience:
  • 15-104 Introduction to Computing for Creating Practice

One Entrepreneurship Course:

  • 70-414 Entrepreneurship for Engineers
  • 70-415 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • 70-420 Entrepreneurship for Scientists
  • 70-421 Entrepreneurship for Computer Scientists
  • 70-425 Entrepreneurship for the Creative Industries

One Venture Creation Course:

  • 70-395 Funding Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • 70-416 New Venture Creation

One Innovation Process Course:

  • 49-313 Designing for the Internet of Things
  • 70-438 Commercialization and Innovation

Product Development:

  • 49-300 Integrated Product Conceptualization

One Practice/Experience Component:

Note: Please check IDeATe Courses for the options for the current and upcoming semester.

Double-counting: You may be able to double-count up to two of the minor courses for other requirements for your major. Please consult with your home academic advisor for double-counting policies for your college/major.