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Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology

Wood Shop

Hunt A30

The IDeATe Wood Shop is a small workspace dedicated to standard woodworking and fabrication methods.  The room includes a drill press, band saw, belt sander, and other power tools.  Students must have training and IDeATe staff supervision to use this shop.

While our Wood Shop maintains a small supply of basic fasteners and some scrap wood, prospective users are encouraged to bring their own wood, fasteners, and other project materials.  Some plywood is available to be purchased in the adjacent Lending Office, but the cuts and thicknesses available reflect their intended use in laser cutting.

IDeATe affiliates should email at least 1–2 business days in advance to negotiate an appointment to use the Wood Shop.

To learn about which courses offer training in the Wood Shop, please visit our courses page.

Wood Shop policy basics:

1. COME PREPARED: Wear proper attire when using this space. When using equipment, make sure all loose items are properly restrained or removed. Long sleeves should be rolled up. Jewelry should be removed. Long hair should be tied back. Neckties and scarves should be removed. Closed-toe shoes are required.

2. SAFETY: Wear protective eyewear at all times. Ear protection is required. Dust masks are required when any operation produces hazardous fumes or dust.

3. COMPRESSED AIR: Do not touch or adjust the air pressure. The air pressure has been set to a safe operating pressure (less than 30psi). Exceeding this value puts you and anyone else in the shop at risk of injury.

4. CLEAN UP: Clean up after yourself. Your access privileges will be revoked if you fail to do so. Allow at least 10 minutes at the end of your job for cleanup.

5. ACCESS: Access to this equipment is limited to users who have received training from the shop supervisor. You can only use the shop when IDeATe staff are available to supervise. The supervisor also has the authority to limit the number of students admitted to the shop at any time.

6. EQUIPMENT: Users must observe equipment specific policy and practice safe operation.