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Game Design

In today's game design professions, the experts who create and build games don't work on an assembly line, handing pieces off to the next worker. They collaborate from day one, able to understand each other's roles and expertise.

Students in IDeATe's Game Design program will learn both theory and skill with faculty experts from across the university in the key component areas of games: dramatic narrative and character development, visual and sound synthesis, special effects and performance capture, programming and engine development, interface and interaction architecture development, game assessment and redesign. In their courses, students will learn how to apply their specialized knowledge from their majors to enhance these component areas. They will work in highly interdisciplinary and collaborative contexts to parallel the experience of developing effective, engaging and well-functioning games in diverse teams.

Game Design Minor - Five Courses

One Portal Course

15-104 Introduction to Computing for Creative Practice - recommended for DC, CFA, and TSB majors

62-150 Introduction to Media Synthesis and Analysis - recommended for CIT, MCS, and SCS majors


05-418 Design of Educational Games

15-466 Computer Game Programming

53-230 Programming for Game Designers

53-352 Designing Achilles in a Video Game

53-353 Understanding Game Engines

53-371 Role Playing Games Writing Workshop

53-376 360 Story and Sound

53-399 Special Topics: Advanced Game Studio

53-409 Game Design

53-451 Research Issues in Game Development

53-471 Game Design, Prototyping, and Production

60-333 Character Rigging for Production

60-359 Playful Theory: Critical Topics in Game Culture

60-419 Experimental Game Design

76-285 Team Communication

Note:  Students also have the option of taking one Collaborative or Supportive course from one of the other IDeATe areas as an elective for their Game Design minor.
Double-counting:  Students may double-count up to two of their IDeATe minor courses for other requirements.

Game Design Faculty

The Game Design faculty represent Carnegie Mellon's expertise in Art and Entertainment Technology. They carefully oversee the collaboration of students while delivering the IDeATe Game Design courses.