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Media Design

The IDeATe Media Design minor invites students on a wide-ranging exploration of the digital media landscape. This multifaceted program encourages a holistic engagement with media technologies and practices, offering an opportunity to embrace the full breadth of media arts disciplines within the IDeATe network. Students gain the skills to design experiences across various platforms, from mobile devices to performances and large-scale installations, while gaining an understanding of how technology and content relate in new media systems, and how meanings are made in these evolving forms.

The flexibility inherent in the Media Design minor allows students to create a learning pathway that mirrors their unique interests, integrating elements from the other IDeATe minors. This approach makes it an ideal option for students who wish to experience the broad tapestry of digital media arts or those yet to pinpoint their exact focus within this dynamic field. The Media Design minor therefore cultivates versatile media practitioners, ready to innovate within the diverse and rapidly evolving digital media arena.

Media Design Minor - Minimum of 45 Units

One Computing Course - Minimum of 9 Units

  • 15-104 Introduction to Computing for Creative Practice
  • 15-110 Principles of Computing
  • 15-112 Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science
  • 60-212 Intermediate Studio: Creative Coding

One IDeATe Portal Course - Minimum of 9 Units

  • Recommended Portal Course for this area:
    • 62-150 Introduction to Media Synthesis and Analysis
      • Section A: Intro to Textile Media
      • Section B: Intro to Mediascapes
      • Section C: Life in the Digital Factory
  • 16-223 IDeATe Portal: Creative Kinetic Systems
  • 18-090 Twisted Signals: Multimedia Processing for the Arts
  • 53-322 IDeATe: Little Games/Big Stories: Indie Roleplaying Game Studio
  • 60-125 IDeATe: Introduction to 3D Animation Pipeline
  • 60-223 IDeATe Introduction to Physical Computing
  • 99-361 IDeATe Portal
    • Section A: Learning about Learning
    • Section B: Intelligent Enviroments

IDeATe Media Design Courses - Minimum of 27 Units

  • 05-540/18-540 Rapid Prototyping of Computer Systems
  • 15-294 Rapid Prototyping Technologies
  • 15-394 Intermediate Rapid Prototyping
  • 16/54-375 Robotics for Creative Practice
  • 24-672 Special Topics in DIY Design and Fabrication
  • 51-236 Information Design
  • 51-400 Transition Design
  • 53-312 Guest Experience and Theme Park Design
  • 53-376 360 Story and Sound
  • 53-558 Reality Computing Studio
  • 54-399 Decoding Media
  • 60-110 Foundations: Time-Based Media
  • 60-428 Advanced ETB: Drawing with Machines
  • 60-461 Advanced ETB: Experimental Capture
  • 62-362 IDeATe: Electronc Logics && Creative Practice
  • 62-478 digiTOOL
  • 67-240 Mobile Web Design & Development
  • 76-374 Mediated Narrative
  • 82-285 Podcasting: Language and Culture Through Storytelling
  • Additional courses as available. Please check IDeATe Courses for the options for the current and upcoming semester.
Double-counting:  Students may double-count up to two of their IDeATe minor courses for other requirements.

Media Design Faculty

The Media Design faculty represent Carnegie Mellon's expertise in Art, Drama, Entertainment Technology, and Information Systems. They carefully oversee the collaboration of students while delivering the IDeATe Media Design courses. Learn more about participating faculty here.