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Virtual FrIDeATe with Guest Alumnus Joe Hocking

It's FrIDeATe! And while we obviously won’t be able to gather in person this month but we’re going to have a virtual hang today, March 27th at 4:30 pm EST, AND we’re going to be joined by a guest alum! Joe Hocking graduated from Mellon College of Science and went on to get a graduate degree in digital media. Recently, he authored Unity in Action, a very popular book about developing games in Unity. He’s really happy to see that Carnegie Mellon students are participating in a program like IDeATe and would like to connect with all of you. He’ll be able to offer some valuable insight into his academic and professional experiences and would love to hear about your experiences and questions. Aside from chatting with Joe, it will be great for all of us to connect and touch base. We weren't able to figure out a mass burrito distribution system in time, so if you have 'em, eat 'em. Our virtual FrIDeATe will be today, March 27th at 4:30 pm EST on (where else?) Zoom. There’s a Facebook event if you’d like to invite anyone. Can't wait to see you!