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Media Design

Media used to consist of information and experiences passing through many hands before being delivered to an audience by one prescribed source. Advances in the philosophy and technology of media have allowed us, the audience, to play a more active role in how our information and experiences arrive in our hands. We are now able to customize things like our daily news and artistic experiences.

The Media Design concentration serves students who are interested in digital mediation of experiences. It explores the interconnected development of technology and content in new media systems and the meaning that arises from the resulting forms. Students learn to design mediated experiences across different platforms, from mobile to large-scale installations. They study the structure and function of different components of mediated experiences. They learn how to synthesize those components and how to connect modular structures for the creation of transmedia experiences.

Media Design Minor - Five Courses

One Portal course

  • 15-104 Introduction to Computing for Creative Practice - recommended for DC, CFA, and TSB majors
  • 62-150 Introduction to Media Synthesis & Analysis - recommended for CIT, MCS and SCS majors

Four Collaborative and Supportive Courses

  • 05-540/18-540 Rapid Prototyping of Computer Systems
  • 15-294 Rapid Prototyping Technologies
  • 15-394 Intermediate Rapid Prototyping
  • 16-456 Reality Computing
  • 16/54-375 Robotics for Creative Practice
  • 18-551 Digital Communication and Signal Processing Systems Design
  • 24-672 Special Topics in DIY Design and Fabrication
  • 51-236 Information Design
  • 53-312 Guest Experience and Theme Park Design
  • 53-340 Digital Archives and Storytelling: A Practicum
  • 53-376 360 Story and Sound
  • 53-642 Themed Entertainment Design Studio
  • 54-598/60-446 Expanded Theater
  • 60-110 Electronic Media Studio I
  • 60-210 Electronic Media Studio II
  • 60-412 Interactive Art and Computational Design
  • 60-427 Digital Storytelling & Resistance
  • 60-441 Urban Intervention
  • 62-478 digiTOOL
  • 67-240 Mobile Web Design & Development
  • 76-285 Team Communication
  • 76-374 Mediated Narrative: Cuban Interactive Documentary

Note: Students also have the option of taking one Collaborative or Supportive course from one of the other IDeATe areas as an elective for their Media Design minor.

Double-counting: Students may double-count up to two of their IDeATe minor courses for other requirements.

Media Design Faculty

The Media Design faculty represent Carnegie Mellon's expertise in Art, Drama, Entertainment Technology, and Information Systems. They carefully oversee the collaboration of students while delivering the IDeATe Media Design courses.