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Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology

There are four main types of IDeATe courses: portal courses, collaborative courses, supportive courses, and micro courses.

The portal courses serve as cross-training courses for interdisciplinary work. This cross-training allows you to better understand the disciplinary competencies and perspectives of the students that you will be collaborating with through a design inquiry process.

The collaborative courses are project-based courses that IDeATe has developed within various departments. They are designed to be diverse with a focus on creating together in emerging, complex, and unstructured problem-solving domains. They are structured to accommodate students from any discipline who have passed the portal courses. The supportive courses are departmental courses that existed prior to IDeATe. They have these collaborative elements and are options for your IDeATe work. Please note that the supportive courses tend to have other prerequisites and registration restrictions.

The micro courses are short but intensive skills-based experiences that give students a basic understanding of some of the techniques and equipment often associated with IDeATe.

IDeATe is not its own department. Rather, Carnegie Mellon's departments contribute faculty to the IDeATe curriculum. So IDeATe does not have its own course number prefix. To quickly and easily find the IDeATe course offerings for the upcoming semester, refer to this space.