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April 17, 2020

IDeATe Student Survey

IDeATe Student Survey

One of your fellow students has been inspired to turn the dramatic shift to online instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic into a research opportunity and they need your input! How has your collaboration or hands-on work changed now that we are in an online learning environment? What have been some cool ideas that have come out of this shift? What has been difficult to overcome? Offer your insights during this wild time.


Virtual Carnival

We unearthed the vintage Carnival clipboard pictured above during a cleaning project a few years back and it now decorates the IDeATe offices in Hunt Library. While we can't be together for Carnival this year, take a moment to check out the virtual events happening this weekend.

IDeATe Courses for Fall and Summer 2020

The Fall 2020 Schedule of Classes is now live! As you're planning your schedule, you can view a handy list of IDeATe courses is available at If you would like some advice planning your fall course selections, reach out to Kelly Delaney to set up a chat.

Summer 2020 courses will be online. IDeATe has two summer courses scheduled: 53-110 Introduction to Game Prototyping and 53-353 Understanding Game Engines. Both of these courses will be happening and are shifting online. Seats are still available!

Speaking of courses...

IDeATe Teaching Assistants

IDeATe courses often benefit from the presence of a teaching assistant and if you're interested in helping your fellow students, we'd like for you to let us know! Information and applications for TAships is available on

IDeATe Student Directory

student-directory.pngLast year, the IDeATe Design for Learning students proposed a great idea: a student directory on IDeATe students are from all over the university, take many different types of classes, and all pretty proud of the fact that they're doing such interesting work at Carnegie Mellon. It would be great to be able to recognize each other and show others that this is part of their student experience. We're happy to announce that the directory is now live and has profiles and contact information for the students who have opted to contribute to it. Take a look and let us know at if you'd like to be included.

COVID-19 Measures

Read the latest on IDeATe Operations during COVID-19 safety measures on