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Attendees at an event in front of an inflatable sculpture

November 05, 2020

Maker Monday + ETC Playtesting + Indigo: Portal to the Past, Present, and Future


ANVIL Maker Monday: Tiny Moss Terrarium

Sometimes the world feels too big and complicated. It can help to look at just a small part of it. Join ANVIL for their next Maker Monday event on November 9 and create a tiny moss terrarium. You'll just need to gather a jar plus some soil, rocks, dirt, moss, and any other decor that you would like to add. Then the ANVIL folks will lead an assembly workshop over Zoom. For more information, visit

Playtesting with the ETC

The ETC has a number of student projects and are in need of playtesters for November 10 and 11. Some will be testing in person and others will be remote. For a list of projects and to sign up, please check this Google sheet. If you have questions, please reach out to Mike Christel.


Soft Tech: Visiting Artists

Please join the Intro to Textile Media class in welcoming two upcoming guest speakers!
Kibibi Ajanku is a multidisciplinary artist and dancer who creates adire cloth - traditional West African textiles dyed deep blue with indigo plants. Ajanku is the choreographer and creative director of Sankofa Theater in Baltimore, MD. On Thursday, November 12 at 1:30 pm, Ajanku will speak about her creative practice and her study of indigo with master adire cloth makers in Ghana, Benin, and Nigeria.
Rosa Sung Ji Chang 장성지 is a Korean-born visual artist, natural indigo dyer, and storyteller. She takes her inspirations from reincarnation, a cultural pillar in Korea, and her firm belief of pursuing a non-wasteful lifestyle. On Tuesday, December 1 at 1:30 pm, Rosa Sung Ji Chang will speak about traditional Korean indigo dye methods, her creative practice, and growing a community dye garden in Baltimore, MD.
All are welcome to the two events. RSVP is required. The visitors were supported in part by funding from the Frank-Ratchye Fund for Art @ the Frontier and the Steiner Invitation Series.


Conversations: Heterodox Academy

Heterodox Academy (HxA) is a nonpartisan collaborative that provides frameworks, tools, and community to thousands of educators, administrators, and students. As a nonprofit we work to improve the quality of research and education by promoting open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement in institutions of higher learning.

Please register to join our special guest on Friday, November 13 at 5:00 pm for this unique virtual presentation and to learn more about Heterodox Academy.

Ilana Redstone is a professor of sociology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the founder of Diverse Perspectives Consulting, and a faculty fellow at HxA. She is the co-author of the book (Oxford University Press), Unassailable Ideas: How Unwritten Rules and Social Media Shape Discourse in American Higher Education and the creator of the “Beyond Bigots and Snowflakes” video series.  She is also the moderator of the HxSociology Community, part of HxA's Heterodox Communities initiative. More information about her work.


ICYMI: Soft Tech: Open Hack Hours

Do you have ideas or projects you want to do, but don't know how?
Would you like to casually spend time with professors talking about ideas?
Are you curious about robotics and/or textiles and/or soft robotics?
Do you want to experiment with interesting materials and see what you might invent?
Come to our Open Hack Hours! 
Everyone is welcome to join Prof. Chris Atkenson (RI) and Prof. Olivia Robinson (IDeATe) for Open Hack Hours on Wednesday evenings 7-9pm on Zoom.  
Password: KnockKnock