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January 21, 2021

Pixar Undergraduate Program


Pixar Undergraduate Program Info Session

Join Pixar Recruiting on Friday, January 22nd at 3 pm ET/12 pm PT for an inside look into the Pixar Undergraduate Program (PUP) and the world of Technical Direction. The info session will feature PUP alum and current Technical Directions Andrea Goh, David Luoh, and Mara MacMahon. Time will be reserved at the end for Q&A.
Register here and please note that this session will only be available live.

New S21 Course: 17-397 Intro to Qualitative Research: Social Media Apps and Video Content Creation

What are users’ motivations to participate in video creation and sharing on social media such as TikTok? What are their practices, strategies, and routines in creating short-form videos as part of digital online culture? What do they know about socio-technical aspects in using short-video apps and creating short-form video content? These are just some questions to study and understand how humans as users interact with social technology and how the use of social media apps is connected to and integrated into our everyday life. This course will teach qualitative approaches to address these and related questions in the context of media, interaction, and technology research and take cultural, social, and political perspectives on social media participation within digital (youth) culture. It will specifically focus on recently popular short-video apps, foremost TikTok, that have revealed themselves to be highly accessible and increasingly ubiquitous in regards to online social interaction. 
Students will learn how to design and conduct qualitative interview studies to research and analyze practices and strategies in the creation, consumption, and distribution of short-form videos. 
More information is available at and questions can go to Daniel Klug.

New S21 Course: 67-445 Seminar in Information Systems: Intelligent Agents

67-445 Seminar in Information Systems: Intelligent Agents is a research seminar on conversational intelligent agents that will be offered in Spring 2021 and still has plenty of seats! This course is designed for junior and senior level students who wish to engage in research at the intersection of information systems, artificial intelligence and psychology. The course has a unique and novel approach that allows students to get immersed in exploring current research on users’ behavior with intelligent agents and similar systems with an emphasis on the theoretical foundations, users’ perceptions and interactions, and various applications.