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Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology

March 18, 2021

Student / Futures + Open Hack Hours


Student / Futures

This Friday, March 19 at 4 pm EST, the School of Art will present the next edition of Student / Futures, their series on careers in creative fields! This week's panel will discuss how new approaches to media are shifting design, marketing, branding, entertainment, and more. This event is free and open to all Carnegie Mellon students, but registration in advance is required.

The featured panelists will be Rebecca Gimenez of innovation consultancy IA Collaborative, Kelli Miller of And/Or Studio, and Forest Young of Wolff Olins.


Open Hack Hours Return

Soft technologists, textile hackers, and inflatable sculptors! Open Hack Hours have returned for the spring semester. Do you have ideas or projects you want to do, but don't know how? Would you like to casually spend time with professors talking about ideas? Are you curious about robotics and/or textiles and/or soft robotics? Do you want to experiment with interesting materials and see what you might invent? Come to our Open Hack Hours! Everyone is welcome to join Prof. Chris Atkenson (RI), Prof. Melisa Orta-Martinez (RI), Prof. Jim McCann (CS), and Prof. Olivia Robinson (IDeATe) for Open Hack Hours on Wednesday evenings 7-9pm on Zoom. (Zoomline: Password: KnockKnock)


CMU Resources Instrumental to Musician/Entrepreneur

School of Music graduate student Camille Strahl has a simple but brilliant idea to make the practice of oboe more accessible: synthetic reeds that are quicker and less expensive to make. Strahl created the prototype mold for her synthetic reeds in the IDeATe Fabrication Lab and is working with the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship and Project Olympus to get her start-up, Synthody, off the ground. You can read more about Strahl's work at


Choose Your Own [Twine] Adventure

Did you love Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid? Then join the Fall for the Book Festival on March 25 at 7 pm and learn how to make an online text adventure story with Alex Boyd, who teaches interactive fiction at the University of Central Florida. Audience members will help Alex re-imagine a classic tale by creating forks in the road, surprises, and alternate endings using Twine, a free online program for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. No coding experience is necessary to participate, and you can build the story at home along with Alex!


Mini 4: 15-661/62-661 Interaction and Expression Using the Pausch Bridge Lighting

IDeATe students: this course will count toward the Media Design and Intelligent Environments areas.

For this mini-course, we'll explore the nature of light as art by creating new kinetic light displays for the Randy Pausch Memorial Bridge. We'll cover a few fundamentals of lighting design and interactive compositional tools. Students will work in cross-disciplinary teams to develop projects to show on the actual bridge. Groups can work with the commercial Pharos lighting system or use their own tools or code to compose compatible content. The final projects will be exhibited on the bridge and considered for the repertoire. Instructors Cindy Limauro and Garth Zeglin have compiled examples of previous Pausch bridge projects for you to zone out to.

Cognizant Pathways in Technology Scholarship Opportunity

Cognizant Technology Solutions has opened up the 2021 Pathways in Technology Scholarship application. Cognizant’s Pathways in Technology Scholarship aims to build an inclusive pipeline of tech talent by supporting students from underrepresented communities as they pursue a degree in computer science. To download the scholarship application visit