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September 30, 2022

FrIDeATe, October 7th

Next FrIDeATe is October 7

Another FrIDeATe is heading our way on October 7, 4:45-5:45ish in the IDeATe Fabrication Space (HL A5). We took note of the inadequate number of burritos last time and will be providing more, because we take your burrito needs very seriously. We are also scheduled to view the design submissions for this year's t-shirts but, uh, we've only received one design so far. Let's get a few more in there!


ICYMI: Animators/Puppeteers Wanted for HCII Research Study

Dr. Nikolas Martero and PhD student Howie Wang are are working on a Human-Robot Interaction research project, where a participant will design expressive movements for a simple robot by manipulating its replica. They are recruiting trained animators or puppeteers within our community as participants. A typical session lasts less than 45 minutes, and they will compensate each participant $40 for their expertise. For more information, contact


ICYMI: Playtest Night

What is a "Playtest Night?" It's a place where you can test your projects and/or help others test their projects, part of the CMU Playtesting, a collaboration between Entertainment Technology Center, IDeATe, and Human-Computer Interaction. Playtest Night is held (almost) every Tuesday, 6-8 pm in IDeATe Studio A (Hunt Library, first floor). If you're interested in participating as a playtester or if you would like to have your project playtested, contact Weilin Yuan at

ICYMI: Pixar Animation Studios Internships for Summer 2023

Pixar is now accepting applications for their Summer 2023 Technology Internships for those interested in pursuing roles in software development in Studio Tools, Research, and RenderMan. The application deadline is Sunday, October 2 for 12-week roles starting in May or June 2023 in Emeryville, CA.
Production-based internships will be posted the first week of December.