Carnegie Mellon University


Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology

April 24, 2023

GCS Release + Sound Holograms

Roblox Talk


On Tuesday, April 25, 5-6pm in Doherty Hall 2210, Roblox will be on campus to talk about the Roblox engine, the foundation of the entire Roblox platform. In this talk, Roblox Engineer leaders will touch on key components in the Engine, like physics and geometry, as well as some revolutionary new ways to create on the engine using generative AI. Dinner and swag will be provided!

GCS Release


Friday, April 28, 6-8pm in CUC Connan, Game Creation Society will host Release, our game festival where we join other game design classes in sharing the games that we have produced over the semester. Food will be provided to those who come and play our games!

ICYMI: Sound Holograms


Thursday, April 27, 5-6pm in the Spatial Experience Lab (SxL) in Margaret Morrison 127: New sonic experiences made for Wavefield Synthesis Speaker Array, featuring works by students of Annie Hsieh’s Experimental Sound Synthesis class. This event is free and open to the public.

ICYMI: Electronic Music Events


Join the School of Music for two end-of-semester shows coming up for fans of electronic music.

On April 28 at 7pm in the IDeATe Media Lab (HL A10A), the CMU Electronic Music Studio presents Wall of Noise, a night of new and outrageous electronic music created for curious ears. Featuring works by Blaine Black, Martin Baker, Liam Neely, Cody Long, Cole Savitz-Vogel, Harry Schneider, Katherine Wang, and Allen Zhu. Free and open to the public.

On April 30 at 7:30pm in Kresge Theatre, the School of Music presents Reaching Towards Abstraction - New Works by Audiovisual Composition Students. Featuring audiovisual pieces by John Kolar, Ari Liloia, and Hanzhi Yin, as well as Yu Miyashita and Zsolt Gyenes, Jesse Stiles and Scott Andrew, Austin Yip and Patrick Yim, and Derek Szeto.